Awanakancha the Andean Textil Art

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¿What’s The Meaning of Awanakancha?
Awanakancha is a Quechua Word that means “The Palace of Fabric”, it is located just a few kilometers from Cusco’s City, exactly in the 23 km of the way Cusco- Picaq, Awanakancha is considered as the first living museum.

Awanakancha is one of the few social proyects that involve the communities in the area, every three months there is a kind of exchange with the different communities involved in this project including Amaru, Totora, Pitumarca, etc., these people between men and women show directly the process of obtaining one of the finest fibers in the world we call “baby alpaca” that is the first cut of alpacas fiber, this including since the process Shear, selection, washing, spinning and dyed with natural essences of the area including cochinilla, ortiga,sauce, etc., to finally show the final product that are typical Baby alpaca garments, typical blankets, sweaters with designs and attractive colors.

And you ¿Are you dare to live this Experience?
Is one of the many options to found in Cusco and the best of all, if you visit this place you will help to the communities involved in this project.

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