Ayahuasca Ceremony 1 Night

$ USD 100.00

Ayahuasca Ceremony 1 Night

CODE: CT042: Ayahuasca Ceremony One Night

The Ayahuasca Ceremony is a ritual that causes cleansing and purification on a physical and psychological level, using traditional techniques and a concoction made of different plants that have been used for healing for thousands of years. We offer the opportunity to experience an Ayahuasca ceremony retreat in a safe and responsible way with professional shamans / spiritual guides in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near the city of Cusco.

Excellent for: Adventure seekers - Couples - Friends - Nature lovers - Intrepid people - Families

Itinerary Day by Day

Day 1: Ayahuasca Ceremony One Night

We pick you up from your hotel in the afternoon at approx. 6.00 p.m. and travel to the Sacred Valley of the Incas (optional: Pisac or Urubamba), admiring all the stunning scenery that nature provides us. We arrive in the Sacred Valley and walk for approx. 40 minutes until we arrive at our where the ceremony takes place. Arriving you will have some time to relax and enjoy the nature. The Ayahuasca Ceremony, which lasts the whole night, starts at around 7.00 p.m. You will come together with the other participant and after an introduction by the shaman you will take the medicine Ayahuasca. After 30 minutes of having ingested the ayahausca beverage you will have a different perception of your body and will feel somewhat disoriented, as something similar as the effect of alcohol. Then you will enter into a state of trance and start to have visions, exploring your life in an interrelation with the Cosmos and the Universe and a contact is frequently made with the “Pachamama” or Mother Earth. The visions you might have depend much on your general state of health, as well as on your physical, mental and emotional condition and attitude. The effects of the plant last about 3 hours and a half. At the end of the ceremony, you will have time to rest until the next day. In the morning,After a good rest and a concluding talk with the shaman and maybe talking about your experiences with the other participants we travel back to Cusco where we arrive in the morning.

  • Transport Cusco – Sacred Valley – Cusco (public transportation)
  • Professional spiritual guide / Shaman
  • Ayahuasca ceremony (in a small group with other participants)
  • 1 bottle of water
  • Fruits as snacks
  • Personal expenses
  • Extra snacks and drinks
  • Accommodation in Cusco before and after the tour
  • Accommodation in Cusco, according to the standard you wish
  • Any kind of tours before or after your trip
  • Transfer Airport– Hotel – Airport in Cusco:
    One way: US$ 6.00 p.p.
    Both ways: US$ 12.00 p.


$100per person

  • One day
  • From two persons

Ayahuasca From 5 Persons

$80per person

  • One Day
  • From five persons
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