Florecimiento Ceremony

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Florecimiento Ceremony

CODE: CT063: Florecimiento Ceremony

Relax in the flower bath and clean yourself from negative Energy! Plunge yourself in a relaxing flower bath, restore your positive Energy and clean yourself from the negative things in life. An experienced Shaman is there to guide you to your purification. The different flowers and herbs will spoil you with an aromatherapy and once you emerge the flower bath and the ceremony you will feel like you were born again!

Excellent for: Adventure seekers - Couples - Friends - Nature lovers - Intrepid people - Families

Itinerary Day by Day

Day 1: Florecimiento Ceremony

The ceremonia de florecimiento has been passed down by many generations in the andinian region. The shaman will take you to the spiritual site where the ceremony will take place. Here you get a introduction to the process by the shaman and then you will get fully dressed into the bath. The Shaman has prepared the bath with flowers and herbs that will help you to clean your aura. There are as many recipes for the florecimiento bath as there are shamans who practice it and every single one has a special take on the ceremony. While you emerge yourself in the aromatic flower bath the Shaman will perform his rituals for cleaning your energy and purifying your aura. The florecimiento ceremony is especially popular around new years as you can clean yourself from bad energies and greet the New Year fresh and pure. Different Flowers and Herbs can also have a specific meaning for the new year, like health, love good Luck or money. Come and enjoy a Bath and let your aura be cleaned. We will organize your trip from Cusco to the ceremonial place, the shaman who will lead you through the ceremony and the transfer back to cusco.

  • Pick Up and Transport
  • Ceremony and a professional, experienced Guide
  • Equipment for the ceremony
  • Expenses not mentioned
  • Water and Snacks
  • Any kind of service bevor or after your trip


$00per person

  • One day
  • From two persons


$00per person

  • One Day
  • From two persons
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