How to climb Machu Pichu

by / Tuesday, 27 October 2015 / Published in Travel


Swallowed by the jungle of Peru, as the ruins of Inca culture fled bushy and swampy areas, pursued by the armor and conquering cross. Machu Picchu remained so secreted, perched on high, becomes soundless witness to a settlement that fed on valuable metals.

Discovery of Machu Pichu:
His revenues to this world meet its centenary in 2011. After centuries of neglect, Machu Picchu became a place belonging to the mythology, oral tradition passed from father to son in front of the fire in a miserable hut. Was the explorer and archaeologist Hiram Bingham who achieved to determine the particular location of the legendary Inca city?

These one hundred years have been substituted at Machu Picchu in its rightful place and become one of the icons travelers dream. But you identify, fame has its dark side, and the tourist scene is called speculation and privatization. A few minor troublesomeness against which we must fight to abstract and appreciate the correct beauty of the Inca sanctuary.

After all the details and incidents that accompany each trip and be back in the lines, one sits on top of Huayna Picchu and wonders what is more attractive, the huge blocks of stone fitted to perfection or the environment of peaks and valleys that envelop? I did not get a conclusive answer even for myself, so everyone will have to go and do your own reflection.

Entering the Empire of Manco Capac:
We had left the huge mirror height is Lake Titicaca, to get to Cusco, heart of the Inca Empire and later of the Viceroyalty colonizer. The arrival to the Sacred Valley cannot be more interesting. If you are not suspicious, Cusco can catch us for months within the walls of history, conquests, atrocities and rich cultures that have ended up merging into the streets.

Lake Titicaca
Fighting the magnetism that made us return again and again after minor incursions Cusco in the Sacred Valley, we decided it was time to go to Machu Picchu. What to pass a few weeks was not just because we ration the oxygen level that we reached the brain, after all, came from the Bolivian highlands, but torrential rains a few months earlier had been forced to close Machu Picchu.

In addition to the closure of the mine, access by train had been seriously damaged and only worked on their last leg, but this small detail could only confirm at the last moment, when we bought the ticket to Aguas Calientes and we had to do most part of the tour van.

The full ticket train from Cusco, costs about 70 € to change back and forth. In our case we individual traveled on rails 28 of the 150 km separating Cusco to Machu Picchu. Is it a scam and under normal conditions, but at least you can enjoy the train ride in the race instead of suicide Peruvian drivers, perhaps a little indignation recess. It was not our case.