Temazcal Ceremony (1 day)

$ USD 70.00

Temazcal Ceremony (1 day)

CODE: CT061: Temazcal Ceremony (1 day)

In its origin the Temazcal is a spiritual ceremony where we connect with our essence through the four elements of nature (fire, water, air, and earth), meditation, singing and prayer. It is a moment of power in life, an opportunity to reconcile ourselves with all our relationships, our health and our spiritual path. It is an opportunity to stop and find ourselves. Temazcal is a symbolic regression to the mother’s womb and reconnection with our inner child. With prayers and the opportunity to express deep feelings in a sacred and supportive environment, we purify “the emotional waters”. An outpouring of stagnant emotions occurs, thus opening a step toward deeper healing. Moreover, Temazcal ceremonies cure and decrease fears and phobias.

Excellent for: Adventure seekers - Couples - Friends - Nature lovers - Intrepid people - Families

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Temazcal Ceremony

This is an ancestral ceremony practiced by different culture. The sauna mirrors the form of an oven. Inside, various healing plants are placed according to what needs to be healed. In addition, essential natural oils and incenses are added for aromatherapy. The heat is achieved using red hot stones that essential oils, incense and cold water are poured over the stones, generating a medicating steam that combines all the elements. This ceremony detoxifies and balances the body, mind and spirit. Symbolically it is a process of rebirth, arising a new from the cleansing sauna as a child does from the womb. You pores will open absorbing the healing properties of plants while expelling the toxins from the body. Afterwards, a pool of icy water directly from the mountains is provided to close the clean pores and to fortify the body. The ceremony has a duration of 2 to 3 hours, and it is conducted with a spiritual guide or Shaman. End of our services.

  • Pickup in Cusco
  • Transfer to the ceremonial centre
  • Temazcal Ceremony with a professional Shaman
  • Personal expenses
  • Water and Snacks
  • Accommodation in Cusco
  • Airport transfer
    One way: US$ 6.00
    Round trip: US$ 12.00


$00per person

  • One day
  • From two persons


$70per person

  • One Day
  • From two persons
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