Puno Cusco by bus

by / Thursday, 25 February 2016 / Published in Travel


Machu Picchu is a dream for many tourists who visit the city of Cusco Likewise many want to come to visit the world’s highest navigable lake and one of the most beautiful scenery, islands occupied by ancient villages, handmade rafts and artificial islands where people shape their future.

The Cusco Puno route is undoubtedly the most visited of all of southern Peru, and it is not coincidence, this route is full of history, says it was the route taken by the founders of the Inca empire, also it has many attractions very nice highlights including the Sistine chapel of America, the temple of the God Wiracocha Raqchi and lithic museum Pukara, and that it failed to mention beautiful natural attractions such as the passage of the border Raya Cusco Puno. The tourist bus Puno Cusco just walking this route daily and offers guided tours to each of the attractions of the route. It is worth also say that the path of the sun or Cusco Puno route is one of the 20 most beautiful according to National Geographic and also is the path to the city of Cusco if travelers arriving from Bolivia or Chile, so no excuse to fail to know the route with more history and tradition around the Inca empire.

Cusco to Puno the route of The Sun is a wonderful tour by bus doing stops in the way (six stops) you came into the Inkas history, landscapes, and surprises. In fact, the Andean scenery full of local villagers you see, meet and learn that you didn’t expect might be what you’ll remember the most. Route of The Sun Incan Sights and Heights Cusco to Puno bus tour is 10 hours .Whether you’ve chosen Cusco city or Machu Picchu as your holiday destination city, as a stop-over on your way to somewhere else, or you’re here on business, you’re going to love the time you spend in this special city.