San Pedro and Thanksgiving Ceremony

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San Pedro and Thanksgiving Ceremony (1 day)

CODE: CT043: San Pedro and Thanksgiving Ceremony

Pachamama” or “Mama Pacha” is the goddess who presides over planting and harvesting and is highly praised by the indigenous people of the Andes. The offering (“pago”) is a symbolic way in which the man gives back to the Pachamama what he has taken out from her. It is performed by a Shaman who has special knowledge about speaking with the Pachamama and the Apus, the spirits of the mountain. The San Pedro Ceremony, started by the Nation Chimú, has been used as traditional medicine and for mystical and spiritual purposes for over 3000 years. The medicine is prepared with two medicinal plants: a cactus by the same name (San Pedro or Wachuma) and the coca leaf. Making in first Thanksgiving ceremony will help you to connect with nature and thanks mother nature before taking San Pedro.”.

Excellent for: Adventure seekers - Couples - Friends - Nature lovers - Intrepid people - Families

Itinerary Day by Day

Day 1: San Pedro and Thanksgiving Ceremony

If you want to you will accompany our shaman to Cusco’s local market San Pedro where you will buy the necessary paraphernalia for the ritual like Coca leafs, chicha, sweets and fruit. After buying the paraphernalia you take a bus up to a place close to the Inca ruins Sacsayhuaman, a very mystical place in the upper parts of Cusco, where the ceremony of Thanksgiving will take place, including different rituals like Coca leaves Reading and Aura Cleansing, performed by the Shaman in the traditional Andean way that has been passed verbally from generation to generation. The first part of the ceremony will be the Coca Leaves Reading ritual, which serves to identify the objectives of the participants for the future they can ask “Pachamama”, Mother Earth, for. The second part of the ceremony will be the Aura Cleansing, a ritual that serves to “clean” the participants from any negative energy. Then, the most important part of the ceremony begins: the thanksgiving ritual, where the actual offering to “Pachamama” is made. Then we continue with San Pedro you will start by talking with the shaman / spiritual leader to present and talk about your personal intentions to the Spirit Wachuma. Coming together with the other participants and the shaman, you will take the medicine. After having ingested the medicine you will have a different perception of your body. You will feel lighter and more sensitive to anything that might occur around you. You will go through moments of visions, during which you will have a chance to appreciate nature with more interest and sensitivity than in normal conditions.

  • Transport Hotel – Ceremonial area – Hotel
  • Professional Andean Shaman
  • Paraphernalia for the ceremony
  • Coca leaves Reading
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Potential flights to Cusco
  • Personal expenses
  • Accommodation in Cusco, according to the standard you wish
  • Any kind of tours before or after your trip
  • Transfer Airport– Hotel – Airport in Cusco:
    One way: US$ 6.00 p.p.
    Both ways: US$ 12.00 p.p


$00per person

  • One day
  • From two persons


$190per person

  • One Day
  • From two persons
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