San Pedro / Huachuma Ceremony

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San Pedro / Huachuma Ceremony (1 day)

CODE: CT078: San Pedro / Huachuma Ceremony (1 day)

San Pedro or also called Huachuma Ceremony, started by the Nation Chimú, has been used as traditional medicine and for mystical and spiritual purposes for over 3000 years. The Huachuma medicine is prepared with two medicinal plants: a cactus by the same name (San Pedro or Wachuma) and the Coca Leaf. We offer the opportunity to take part in a San Pedro / Wachuma Ceremony performed by a professional shaman in Cusco or in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. This ceremony will help you to recognize all the negative energies of your being in order to purify yourself. The San Pedro ceremony is divided into three steps: 1st step: Clean, purify and heal, 2nd step: Opening, rebirth, and flow, 3rd step: Reconnecting with the nature of the universe. Join us for an unforgettable experience – a spiritual journey is waiting for you.

Excellent for: Adventure seekers - Couples - Friends - Nature lovers - Intrepid people - Families

Itinerary Day by Day

Day 1: About San Pedro and our Shamans

A San Pedro or Wachuma ceremony is recommended for those who have different types of problems: stress, headaches, sadness in their heart, any suffering, bad energies or spirits or for those who want to open their heart and reconnect with the universe. A professional and experienced shaman will lead you on your spiritual journey. Our shamans prepare the San Pedro medicine them selves with love and devotion to the plant and the spirits one day before the ceremony. The Ceremony We meet at the agency at in the morning and travel to the chosen destination (in Cusco or to the Sacred Valley of the Incas). After a short hike, we arrive at the spot where the ceremony takes place. You can have a short rest, then you will have a talk to the shaman / spiritual leader to present and talk about your personal intentions to the Spirit Huachuma. The ceremony starts coming together with the other participants and the shaman and taking the medicine. After having ingested the medicine you will have a different perception of your body. You will feel lighter and more sensitive to anything that might occur around you. You will go through moments of visions, during which you will have a chance to appreciate nature with more interest and sensitivity than in normal conditions. Enjoying that experiences we will make the pilgrimage to the sacred rocks of the site where you experience an awesome energy force. After the walk of about 4 or 5 hours we return to have an analysis and concluding conversation with the Shaman about everything that happened during the ceremony. You will converse about your general state and the interpretation of visions if you had any, in order to eliminate any doubts you may have regarding your experiences. End of the service

  • Public transfer hotel – ceremonial center – hotel
  • Professional and experienced Shaman
  • San Pedro / Huachuma medicine
  • International or domectic flights
  • Water and snacks
  • Expenses not mentioned
  • Accommodation in Cusco, according to the standard you wish
  • Any kind of tours before or after your trip
  • Transfer Airport– Hotel – Airport in Cusco:
    One way: US$ 6.00 p.p.
    Both ways: US$ 12.00 p.p.


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$102per person

  • One Day
  • From two persons
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